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La gestione delle flotte smart: quadro applicativo e benefici ottenibili

L’Osservatorio nasce nel 2019 per rispondere al crescente interesse di aziende pubbliche e

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AIAGA patrocina la 15^ edizione del Fleet Manager Academy

È stata rinviata al 2 dicembre Fleet Manager Academy Bologna 2020, l’evento dedicato ai fleet

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A.I.A.G.A. Partner del Master di Sole24 Ore

A.I.A.G.A. Partner del Master di Sole24 Ore Gestione e Strategia d’Impresa Specializzazione

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Going green. Share thoughts and best practices related to “green cars” in your fleet.

Martin Demers, Chief Executive Office of FleetMind, said: “Green fleets are not only more

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Are telematics changing driver behaviour in a sustenaible manner?

In the efforts to reduce road accidents and insurance claims, car insurance companies are

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What are the main fleet trends that will impact on the international fleet management in 2015?

According to analysts, in 2015 Car Manufacturers will forcefully press on the segment of the

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The main factors that determine the TCO (total cost of ownerhsip)

Professor Angelo Paletta analyzes the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) as a fleet management

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The top traits of a great fleet manager

What traits and skill sets are necessary to become a great fleet manager? Let’s find out

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The Fleet Manager as an investment centre

The fleet manager is traditionally considered a cost centre, but he can become a veritable

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Ecological cars: gas, hybrid or electric?

Engineer and president of A.I.A.G.A. Giovanni Tortorici makes a comparison of electic/hybrid and

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Notes on electric motors

Electric motors for cars and performance comparison. Giovanni Tortorici takes stock of the

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The Fleet Manager: roles required

The fleet manager must be considered a bit ‘of everything, from the technology of the cars,

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Fleet of which are you? Spotlight on Italian fleet

In this lesson Giovanni Tortorici makes an overview of Italian fleet: the most common form to

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