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Notes on electric motors

Electric motors for cars and performance comparison. Giovanni Tortorici takes stock of the

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The Fleet Manager: roles required

The fleet manager must be considered a bit ‘of everything, from the technology of the cars,

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Fleet of which are you? Spotlight on Italian fleet

In this lesson Giovanni Tortorici makes an overview of Italian fleet: the most common form to

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Ci dispiace, ma non sei autorizzato a vedere questi

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  This page shows all the main events, initiatives and appointments of A.I.A.G.A. and NAFA.

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  This section is dedicated to research materials and in-depth analysis about the topics of

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On this page are stored all the sources of knowledge about the annual training course in

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  What is the NAFA and A.I.A.G.A. Learning Centre? It is an online environment for fleet

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Fleet risk management. What are the options?

Fleet risk management. What are the options? Few companies are able to quantify the costs resulting